Peggy Inez Author

About Me

My background

The former students of Peggy Inez, addressed her as, Miss Peggy. She spent over forty years teaching children and young adults the performing arts. When retiring, it was only natural she would choose to create fictional happy and exciting stories for children and their families. She draws from her childhood memories of spending her summers, during the forties and early fifties in Mississippi, with her Mama and younger brother. She now lives with her husband during the summer months, in the beautiful mountains of North Georgia. In the winter they travel to their east coast home in Florida. For eighteen-years, Peggy Inez, her husband, Rob, and her son, Rob, Jr., owned and edited three "International-Ham-Radio-Newsletters. The monthly publications were a most valuable source, for the Icom, Kenwood, and Yaesu, Amateur Radio Operators. All three are Government-Licensed-Amateur-Radio-Operators. Peggy Inez also owned and edited a little known magazine, called, "The Twirlers Friend" for several years. It encouraged the art of baton twirling and dancing. The input came from competitive baton twirlers and dancers over the USA and abroad. She has been composing poems, stories, and musical lyrics since she was ten-years-of-age. In the fifth-grade, she won her first poetry award for a little poem, simply called "Jack." It was obvious she was not going to be a great poet, but, it was also obvious she had a phenomenon imagination. After many years of receiving instructions in baton, dance, and personality performing, she started to create and produce her own stage productions, as recitals for all her students. She feels her years of experience noted above, assisted her to this period of her retirement, to where she can spend her time "Story-Telling." She looks forward to many years of creating stories of enjoyment for the young reader and

My writing roots

My writing roots basically came from my childhood memories, living in rural North Mississippi. And for the love of friends family and all of our farm anamils.

My style

I have been teaching children most of my Adult life and draw on all those experiences that eventually shaped my STYLE..